WildBrain to produce YouTube content for Smooshy Mushy

Published on: April 16th, 2018

Smooshy Mushy is distributed by Bandai in the UK.

RedwoodVentures, in partnership with OLO Industries, has appointed WildBrain to produce a short-form series featuring Smooshy Mushy toys.

The digital kids’ network and studio on YouTube will produce short-form content based on the Smooshy Mushy brand. WildBrain will also distribute the series on YouTube, handling channel management and audience development.

Andy Wiseman, CEO of RedwoodVentures, commented: “The Smooshy Mushy social platforms have a tremendously engaged, loyal and eager fan base. With WildBrain, we can deliver a new layer of content on YouTube that will tell the Smooshy Mushy story to millions, which will continue to fuel the brand’s momentum. This, coupled with our rapidly expanding global licensing program, will ensure kids will have a regular variety of Smooshy Mushy content, as well as merchandise to fulfill their appetite for engaging with the brand.”

Michael Carroll, business development manager at WildBrain, commented: “The Smooshy Mushy toy-line features a rich world of characters, perfect for the style of animation and stop-motion videos we will create. We look forward to growing a global audience, using our expertise in content creation and platform insights to steer the creative process.”

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