Smooshy Mushy sees high sales in opening month

Published on: February 14th, 2018

Bandai’s new Smooshy Mushy slow-rise collectibles are proving a runaway success with high demand from consumers.

Squishy toys are proving to be immensely popular at the moment, and Bandai’s Smooshy Mushy collection offers cute and collectible scented characters with a slow rising effect; all presented in unboxing inspired package with a soft “bestie” friend to discover.

The combination of play patterns, together with perfectly targeted marketing, has made the brand an instant success; reaching No.5 new property for January, and No.3 new collectible property.

Now the team is looking ahead with a Wave 2 launching at the end of March and Wave 3 at the end of June. Added to this is the roll out of a licensing programme that will encompass the core characters of the brand and their quirky personalities.

Nic Aldridge, general manager of Bandai UK, commented: “We are delighted with the first few weeks of sales for Smooshy Mushy, and although we thought we would have a winning brand on our hands, the numbers that are coming through are beyond all our expectations. Adding to the excitement is the development that is coming though, with each wave bringing with it new themes and even more reason to collect.”

“It is without doubt that slow-rising toys are a key trend for the year, but with Smooshy Mushy we have the added collectability and an unboxing surprise for the YouTube generation that will give the brand longevity. At Toy Fair we gave retailers a snap shot of what’s on the horizon with a boy’s variant and even Smooshy Mushy playsets which will bring a play and display aspect to the collecting. It’s fair to say the response to this was unanimously positive.”

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