The Entertainer stockpiles outdoor toys in case of no-deal Brexit

Published on: January 14th, 2019

The retailer has stockpiled 100 container loads of paddling pools, slides, wheelbarrows and more to ensure there are no shortages this summer.

Photograph: Felix Clay for the Guardian

As reported by The Guardian, Gary Grant, managing director and founder of The Entertainer chain, said it had doubled the amount of containers it usually brought into the UK at this time of year to ensure seasonal stock was in place before any hold-ups at ports linked to the UK’s Brexit deadline in March.

“There will be no shortage of toys in the UK,” he said. “The items we ship from the far east, we have brought the containers forward to make sure we have adequate stocks. It might take three months for things to settle down [after Brexit]. The second biggest time for buying toys is Easter.”

Gary said The Entertainer had not had to take on extra warehouse space to store the toys, as it had spare capacity after Christmas. He said The Entertainer had shipped own-label items early but expected toy-makers with European distribution centres such as Lego or Playmobil to present their own plans to ensure supply.

Similar tactics have been adopted by a number of British manufacturers, food processors and retailers including Tesco and Marks & Spencer. Companies are concerned that lorries will face major delays at ports by even minor changes in bureaucracy related to Britain’s exit from the European Union, where there is currently a free flow of goods across UK borders with minimal checks.

While goods coming from the far east will not face changes to paperwork, the fear is they will get stuck behind European goods on the last leg of their journey.

In an interview with Mike Thomas, client services director at Import Services, Toy World found out the latest on the Brexit situation, and what toy importers and retailers can do to mimimise any potential impact on their business. Read the full article, which was published in the January issue of Toy World, by clicking here.

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