Tomy launches Ritzy Rollers

Published on: June 12th, 2019

Ritzy Rollerz is a series of collectible characters aimed at children aged 4-7 years.

The collection consists of 12 characters including Helena Heelz, Donut Dani, Frenchy Braid and Groovy Gaby. Each character has its own unique personality and comes with hidden charms in the opening of the ‘booty trunk’ with which to accessorise and customise the wheels.

Each of the characters also features different textures including real flowing hair, cosy fur, shiny sparkles and metallic chrome.

The collection can be customised to fit an individual’s personality and includes three play sets; the Heelz on Wheelz Shoe Shop Playset with Helena Heelz, the Sprinklez on Wheelz Donut Shop Playset with Donut Dani, and the Dance n Dazzle Spa Playset with Tori Tada, one of the popular alternative characters.

Sarah J Henderson, brand manager at Tomy, said: “We want to encourage best friends to get their Ritzy on with the launch of our new Ritzy Rollerz collection. Through our own expertise, 90-year history and thorough research, we know that kids love collectibles and making toys their own with fun customisable features. All the characters have their own personality and live in a place where it’s cool to be themselves. We want this to filter down to children, so they know it’s good to be individual and true to yourself by inviting them to express themselves and role play with these characters.”

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