Toy Hub announces partnership with Bakedin

Published on: September 8th, 2016

The retailer has also started its own Game Club.

toyhub480Toy Hub, based in Dunblane, has partnered with Bakedin as an ambassador to its baking club, giving its customers savings on the, where they can get their first kit for just 99p.

The company approached Toy Hub as it is particularly active on social media, and has a hands-on approach to sales in-store, including using demos and in-store theatre.

In addition to this, the retailer has also launched the Toy Hub Game Club, which will take place in a local restaurant every Sunday.

“I launched the event on our Facebook page to see what interest we would get, and we had a great response as the event had sold out within 24 hours,” said Gerard Gourley, co-owner of Toy Hub. “We love board games here at Toy Hub, and our event is designed to help families play games together, recreating that family Sunday afternoon.”

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