Toys R Us releases categorised list of its plans for stores

Published on: December 7th, 2017

Toys R Us has banded its stores into categories based upon the continued viability of their leases. 

As part of its CVA proposal, Toys R Us has named 26 UK stores which will be closed in spring 2018.

As reported by The Toy Detective, a full list of stores has now been published showing not only those facing closure, but also those locations where Toys R Us hopes to benefit from a reduction in rent, a reduction in the size of store or even both a rent and space reduction. See the below graph for a full list of the categorised stores.

Earlier in the week Steve Knights, managing director of Toys R Us UK, identified the company’s large warehouse-sized stores as a main drain on expenses, adding that the smaller, more interactive stores are receiving positive feedback – and indication that this is where the future lies for the retailer’s brick & mortar side.


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