Toys R Us to host autism friendly shopping event

Published on: November 11th, 2015

On 15th November, each of the company’s stores in the UK will hold an autism and additional needs shopping session

Toys-R-Us-Logo480Last year, Victoria Holdsworth, who has a three-year-old autistic son, campaigned for toy stores to hold autism-friendly shopping sessions at Christmas.

She explained: “Children with autism often struggle with loud noises, strip lighting and interacting with other children. It’s much easier when they are surrounded by young people who are having similar difficulties and who understand the situation.”

This will be the second time that Toys R Us has put on such an event, and the first was reportedly a huge success.

The session will open at all Toys R Us stores across the country at 10am on Sunday 15th November, however, due to Sunday licensing laws, purchases cannot be made until 11am.

There will be no loud music played in stores, reduced fluorescent lighting and understanding staff with basic parent-led autism awareness training will be on duty.

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