UL’s Toy Seminar hailed a success

Published on: July 22nd, 2019

The seminar, ‘In the News’, looked at EU and global regulatory updates, sustainability and the circular economy. 

UL hosted its Toy Seminar, ‘In the News’ on 17th July, at its newly expanded campus in Basingstoke. During the event, UL provided attendees with European and global regulatory updates, plus an afternoon session on sustainability and circular economy models that can be good examples for the toy industry.

Nik Hallam opened the seminar at 10am with an introduction to the new UK Campus and UL’s 125th Anniversary.

Richard Smart, UL’s toy subject matter expert, was the first presenter of the day. With over 20 years of experience in the toy and consumer products industry, Richard delivered regulatory updates for EU and non-EU markets, explaining the involvement of UL in safety standards development, and finished off his presentation with an informative section on European trends in recall and enforcement activities.

Adrian Wain, UL’s senior sustainability consultant, then provided an overview on sustainability in the toy industry, and the challenges and opportunities of recycled materials in production of toys. Adrian supports UL’s efforts to establish tools that enable transitions to circular economies in transparent, sustainable and safe ways, and demonstrated how sustainability has become a need rather than something ‘nice to have’.

The last topic of the seminar was on the software solutions that UL offers to companies. From PATH SmartSuite to UL Turbo Carbon, UL can help companies to gain visibility into their supply chain data by offering lifecycle management, business intelligence, corrective action solutions and information management.

The event ended with a quick laboratory tour of UL’s new Basingstoke Campus.

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