Weird Things Humans Search For picks up GOTY Award

Published on: February 7th, 2019

Big Potato’s innovative party game won the the Hot Novelty category in the Gift of the Year awards. 

A company post on LinkedIn, in which Big Potato announced the news, read: “We’re extremely proud to announce that our party game Weird Things Humans Search For won the Hot Novelty category at the Gift Of The Year Awards 2019. Alexandra and Emily were there to represent Team Tato to pick up the award at Spring & Autumn Fair last night. We would like to thank everyone who has bought the game, The Giftware Association and of course to all the weird and wonderful internet searches that helped create this game.”

In Weird Things Humans Search For, teams of players will hear the first half of an internet search, such as ‘Did dinosaurs…’. It’s the players’ job to try and figure out what came next. The higher an answer ranks, the more points that player will score for them and their. Easy to learn and quick to play, the game is suitable for teenagers and adults alike.

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