Wilton Bradley and The Entertainer to hold Yo-Yo Champions UK Tour

Published on: May 17th, 2018

The Championship will start on the 28th May, and will take place in six stores across the country.

The first event will be held at the Hartlepool store, then over the following six days, will be held at the Warrington store, then Birmingham Bullring, Uxbridge, Crawley, and Brighton.

YoYoFactory was founded in 2003 by USA-based International Yo-Yo superstar YoHans (Hans Van Dan Elzen). His focus was on creating unique patented technology that would actually make playing with a Yo-Yo a more enjoyable experience. Today, YoYoFactory designs and manufactures the world’s best performing Yo-Yos for professional players, World Record holders, National and World Champions.

YoYoFactory also makes Yo-Yos for kids on the corner trading tricks, the player who knows just enough moves to impress their friends, or even that uncle who ‘used’ to be a champion. Whatever the status, YoYoFactory has the Yo-Yo to suit every skill or style.

Those who would like to take part can bring their flyer to the Entertainer Store to get it signed by world champion, Gentry Stein. They can then complete and hand in the application section to be entered into the prize draw to win a Gentry Stein Signature yoyo worth £39.99.

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