Winning Moves expands Top Trumps Collectors Tins

Published on: July 17th, 2012

Winning Moves has announced they are to expand the Top Trumps Collectors Tins range with some top licences in Autumn.

The Star Wars Top Trumps Death Star Collectors Tin has two full packs of Top Trumps featuring characters from all six movies, which will be in time for the cinematic rereleases in 2012. Available at the end of August, the tin comes with a sound chip imbedded in it so that every time the tin is opened, the sound of the Ty fighter is herd.

The characters from Marvel Comics are brought together in Marvel Ultimate Heroes Collectors Tin which contains two complete packs of Top Trumps. The tin will be available from September.

Also available in September, the Lord of The Rings Collectors Tin features 30 Heroes of Middle-earth and 30 of Sauron’s Forces in two exclusive Top Trumps packs, stored in the Eye of Sauron tin. Open the tin to hear the Black Speech of Mordor.

All tins will be priced at £12.99.



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