Winning Moves launches a Stirling Monopoly

Published on: June 8th, 2017

Scottish Parliament praises toy company’s newest game.

Emma LodwickLast month, the London-based games company Winning Moves, who produce Top Trumps and themed Monopoly games, launched a Stirling Monopoly game, and on the eve of the General Election, the company was praised for it by the Scottish Parliament.

The MSP for Stirling has put down a motion of congratulations in the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood. Winning Moves UK says it’s the first time that a board it has produced has been recognised inside the four walls of a Parliament.

Emma Lodwick (pictured), custom games executive at Winning Moves UK, who fronted the high profile announcement last month, commented: “Former Prime Minister David Cameron once remarked that a Milton Keynes game we produced maybe should have been round rather than square, in recognition of the roundabouts in Milton Keynes. The comment was made outside of the House of Commons, but was very firmly tongue in cheek. The motion in the Scottish Parliament was for real, and we are delighted about it.”

The new game will be out in October. Stirling beat nine other Scottish cities and towns to land the accolade. The motion stated that “Parliament congratulates Stirling on being awarded its own Monopoly board” and that it “considers Stirling a wonderful city, with fantastic scenery and tourist attractions”.

The board will be for sale from early October at retailers across Scotland including Argos, Toy Hub, Waterstones, WHSmith, and The Works. The game will be widely available online too.

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