World Thumb Wrestling Champion undertakes thumbless challenge

Published on: October 12th, 2017

Current and two-time World Thumb Wrestling Champion, Paul ‘Under the Thumb’ Browse, was testing Hasbro’s Get a Grip game. 

Paul, who was once again crowned the World Thumb Wrestling Champion this summer at the World Championships in Suffolk, was challenged to go an entire day without the use of his thumbs as he tested out Hasbro’s latest game.

Fresh from defeating athletes from across the world including America, Poland, Australia, Germany, India and South Africa, and showing skill, technique, and sporting excellence at the championships just a few weeks ago, Paul set about his daily life without his thumbs. He faced challenges from the moment he woke up, from buttoning up his shirt and doing his tie for work to making a cup of tea, answering his phone and struggling with the TV remote.

Paul commented: “As a man who relies a lot on his thumbs, Get a Grip was a real struggle for me. I even missed my football team kick the winning goal – a serious low moment. Most people take their thumbs for granted but I certainly won’t after this.”

Hasbro’s latest  game, Get a Grip, is a twist on the “no thumbs challenge” in which players compete head-to-head in seemingly simple challenges without using their thumbs. Players wrap their thumbs up in the included bands, and then try to perform the Draw it, Sculpt it, or Do it challenges listed on the cards. Competing against family and friends earns a player cards, and the first player to three cards wins the game.

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