Zuru launches 5 Surprise

Published on: March 13th, 2018

Company’s latest range combines the current trend for unboxing with the fun of collectibles. 

Zuru has announced the launch of 5 Surprise, a new toy that combines unboxing and collectible toys. Each capsule features five sealed segments hiding five toys. With over 300 toys to collect in the first series alone, the range offers kids endless unboxing possibilities.

With 5 Surprise, kids don’t know what they’re getting until they unwrap, peel, and reveal each signature pink or blue capsule. The capsules feature over 300 toys including colour changing mermaids and toy plants, dress-up princesses, slime and putty, DIY jewellery, glow in the dark zombies, prank toys, action figure ninjas, sticky squishies and much more.

Renee Lee, global marketing manager for Zuru, commented: “5 Surprise is a new way to present blind pack collectibles that is on trend with kids’ interests today. The new range perfectly captures the appeal of the unboxing whilst allowing kids to collect, swap and share with their friends.”

The launch of 5 Surprise will be supported by a robust PR and marketing programme throughout April and May.
5 Surprise are priced at £5.99.

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