No-deal Brexit will cause Christmas chaos, warns ParcelHero

Published on: 12th July 2019

ParcelHero says deliveries for Christmas will suffer if a no-deal Brexit is passed on October 31st this year. 

The international delivery expert ParcelHero is warning that Brexit going forth on Halloween this year will come at exactly the wrong time, as warehouses are filled with Brexit stockpiled goods just as supplies of Christmas toys and electronics should be flooding in. It’s also warning of a potential sharp rise in the price of electronic goods and new charges on gifts from abroad if the UK get a no-deal Brexit.

“The UK’s available warehousing space is already bursting to the seams with stockpiled hard-Brexit goods of all kinds, including non-perishable foods and medicines”, said ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, David Jinks MILT. “This will reach a peak just when the usual influx of Christmas products pre-ordered by all the major stores in time for Christmas starts to flood in.”

He also notes that spare warehousing space in areas located within the M25 is already down to just 2.2%, compared to the usual national average of 20%. ParcelHero is also concerned that, should the UK really leave the EU without an agreement, existing EU trade deals with many countries who produce electronic goods popular at Christmas will no longer apply to Britain, and the UK could face new tariffs and delays on these items.

ParcelHero has also warned that anyone sending a Christmas parcel to friends and relatives abroad, or from the EU to the UK following a hard Brexit, will face difficulties with customs. David points out that the first time anyone experiences these potential problems will be this Christmas, which just so happens to be busiest time of year for people sending parcels. David added: “When forced to complete unfamiliar customs invoice forms, inexperienced parcel senders are bound to find them confusing for the first time. And, in the same way, any gifts coming into the UK from friends and retailers in the EU are likely to meet similar delays, and possibly unexpected duties and taxes.”

He also said that even under normal conditions, 12% of all overseas gifts missed Christmas day entirely last year, and over 30% were significantly delayed, adding: “A hard hitting Brexit could mean 25% or more of all presents miss the Big Day.”


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