Paul Lamond to launch second Escape the Room title

Published on: 30th August 2016

Dr Gravely’s Retreat will be launched at Autumn Fair.

paullamond480The release of the new Dr Gravely’s Retreat follows in the footsteps of the UK’s first Escape the Room-style party game, Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor.

Escape the Room challenges first began as digital adventures and have quickly turned into real-life events. Room escaping challenges have taken the UK by storm and are now one of the fastest growing crazes in the country, with over 2,800 real-life ventures throughout the UK.

The Escape the Room venues see players locked in a room with other participants where they have to uncover clues and hidden objectives, solve a series of puzzles and escape from the room in a set time limit. Both Dr Gravely’s Retreat and Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor allow players to experience all the excitement of the challenge in the comfort of their own home.

Richard Wells, managing director of Paul Lamond Games, said: “We’ve been delighted with the interest and uptake of this new style of game. The response to Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor has been fantastic and we are certain that the new Dr Gravely’s Retreat will be just as popular. This is a really exciting new product and as distributors of the Think Fun range we are very pleased to be bringing even more Escape the Room titles to the UK market.”


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