Poundland reveals e-commerce pilot

Published on: 20th July 2020

A transformation scheme will include the pilot of an e-commerce order and delivery scheme.


Poundland has announced a new transformation programme that it hopes will help lead the recovery of UK high streets as the country exits the coronavirus lockdown. A key component of the plan is the pilot an online delivery service early next year, using one of Poundland’s three stores in Cannock which will be converted into an online fulfilment centre.

The retailer also plans to invest in back office technology and make Wi-Fi available in every store.

Investment in stores will see Poundland refresh and refurbish its store estate and open new stores. A new pricing roll-out set to be completed by the autumn will mean that every category will have extended ranges at prices above and below £1, and there will be an expansion of the Pep&Co fashion brand plus development of the retailer’s move into the sale of frozen food.

Poundland managing director Barry Williams said: “This is the biggest transformation in our history as we look to secure our future for another thirty years.”

Although Poundland has said it is determined to play its part in helping the recovery of the high street, the move indicates a recognition that the shift back to physical shopping is not going to happen overnight.

Industry experts have questioned just how Poundland’s business model, which relies on buying large consignments of goods in bulk and selling large volumes of them at low prices via a fast-moving supply chain, will translate to online. The cost of home delivery will eat into margins and it is thought that the new initiative will inevitably need to be supported by a minimum spend and delivery charge.


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