Publishing mayhem comes round again … It’s the Friday blog

Published on: 24th February 2012

It’s been an intense week. Anyone who has ever worked in publishing will tell you that the few days leading up to ‘print deadline’ are always frantic and fraught; no matter how far in advance you try to get everything ready, somehow it always comes down to the final few days. The build up to the March edition is further complicated by the fact that we are away from the office for much of January and February, as are all the people who we need to supply us with editorial content and advertising support. So the traditional 6 week lead up to the issue deadline is effectively concentrated into 2 weeks, and exacerbated by the fact that pretty much everyone we want to speak to is busy with their own Toy Fair season follow-up. But that’s enough of our problems! We’ve still managed to pull together a highly respectable March edition, both in terms of its size and content. It’s now residing at the printers and will be winging its way to you as soon as they’ve ‘done their stuff’.

However, now the issue has been supplied to the printers, you can guarantee that a major toy trade news story will break any day – or even any minute. This is the Publisher’s equivalent of sod’s law, and it manifests itself with alarming regularity. These days, however, our daily newsflash alerts allow us to get round the problem of having to wait a month to put the story out , or face the dilemma of whether to call the printer to ‘hold the (metaphorical) Front Page’.

Gossip continues to be relatively thin on the ground (I suspect people are far too busy to gossip right now!). I did hear that Richard Greenwood has parted company with Wilton Bradley, and I understand that he is hoping to stay within the toy / model trade, so if anyone knows of a suitable role he can be contacted on or on 07854 841814.

Elsewhere this week Mattel and MGA continued their quest to achieve the longest-running court battle in toy trade history, and prove along the way that the only real winners in these situations are the lawyers; Aardman’s new ‘Pirates’ movie has previewed to great acclaim (not that I would know, as my invitation to a preview screening seems to have got lost in the post!); Peterkin has become the UK distributor for Viking Toys (and I believe my Hong Kong blog may have had a modest part to play in this coming about!), and in a victory for pedants and lovers of semantics everywhere, Sainsbury’s has received a slap on the wrist over a TV ad from last October, which highlighted the retailer’s half-term half-price toy promotion.

Have a splendid weekend one and all.