Digital Online Retail Marketing Director is an online toy & game retailer, and is growing at a fast pace. Winners of the 2017 Toys Ecommerce Website of the year, the company is focused on providing great customer experience online and, as the name states, great value for money. focus on developing product ranges that cover branded and licenced products across many categories including, toys, baby toys, outdoor and indoor products, and much more. is looking for a passionate and creative digital online retail marketing executive who is driven by performance and growth. It provides an exciting opportunity for the candidate to able to develop with endless potential.

The Duties 

• Responsible for all online activities
• Work with senior employees in development of overall business plan
• Translating a vision for online marketing into a coherent digital marketing strategy
• Using PPC, SEO, email campaigns, blogs, affiliate marketing, forums, and other social media experience to generate leads
• Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the company website.
• Increase brand awareness.
• Analyse marketing process to realise cost savings across the department.
• Measuring the success of marketing and creative campaigns across the business.
• Assessing new marketing opportunities for generating business.
• Setting KPI’s for marketing activities across the business.
• Aim to develop a team under the candidate to carry out the implementation of all activities in the future.
• Strong understanding of online retail marketing strategy. Ability to implement online retail strategy and product/priced focused strategies through multiple digital marketing channels.

Detailed focus of the role includes:


The candidate should be able to:
• Provide analytic reports of online sales
• Understand analytics and measuring ROI
• Ensure marketing plan is in alignment with marketing budget
• Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data.
• Analysis of current marketing


• Oversee Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & PPC team.
• Analysing return on investment of all PPC campaigns and reporting to the directors.
• Advising PPC on future strategy and best practices.
• Creating reports on campaign success and reporting these to senior management.
• Develop PPC product strategy in line with business objectives.
• Work with the development team & SEO consultant to ensure SEO best practices are properly implemented on newly developed code.
• Manage SEO Consultant, track, report, and analyse SEO analytics.
• Advise SEO consultant on company strategy and objectives.

Email Marketing

• Managing the companies email campaigns and communicating company brands through email marketing.
• Managing trigger email campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle to maximise sales.
• Carrying out segmentation of the database and implementing remarketing strategies.
• A/B Testing on various email campaigns to establish the most effective.
• Tracking and reporting on email campaigns in order to guide improvements.
• Reporting to the Director on sales revenues generated through email marketing campaigns.
• Ensuring all email campaigns comply with current email best practice in the industry.

Content Marketing

• Overseeing all content creation activities for the website.
• Devise a web content strategy that aligns with the company’s wider goals.
• Creation of a content marketing calendar to ensure regular content on the website throughout the year.
• Writing entertaining and informative search engine optimised copy.
• Targeting keywords set by the online marketing strategy.
• Keeping up to date with industry best practice and monitoring content activities of competitor websites.
• Create content for the different social media channels.
• Repurposing content for different mediums including social media and video.
• Generating website sales and leads through creative content strategy.

Social Marketing

• Overseeing the social media strategy for the company, ensuring it aligns with the company’s brand.
• Engaging with customers through the use of social media.
• Keeping up to date with advances in social media technology and the latest social media platforms.
• Maximising followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Pinterest.
• Ensuring that approaches to social media are relevant and appropriate for each medium.
• Monitoring social media for customer comments both positive and negative.
• Building reporting frameworks to evaluate return on investment on the various platforms.
• Work with customer services team to develop interaction with customers through social media
• Continuous research into new relevant social media channels and their impact on the brands marketing.
• Searching social media for off-diary stories and content.


• Establishing a range of automated marketing campaigns based on various criteria.
• Reviewing existing marketing campaigns across the business and automating where appropriate.

Affiliate Marketing

• Develop affiliate marketing programmes.
• Work with an affiliate marketing team.
• Develop strategy for affiliate marketing.
• Implement affiliate marketing content.

Role Requirements

• Experience managing a team of people.
• Ability to critique and advise E-Commerce team.
• Digital marketing experience and keen interest.
• Ability to carry out all digital functions.
• Expertise in digital marketing.
• Great project management, organisational, and analytical skills.
• Experience managing a budget.
• Strong understanding of current online marketing concepts, strategy and best practice.
• Strong Experience in ecommerce, SEO, PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content management and social media.
• Previous experience in a digital marketing role working with branded products.
• Up to date knowledge of Google analytics and various digital marketing software.
• Passionate and results driven individual.
• Highly articulate with an excellent command of written English.
• Creative minded with an ability to conceive interesting ideas for new content.
• Retail marketing experience.
• Experience working in Toy & Games industry highly beneficial but not imperative.

Location is based in the North West, close to good transport links and major motorways.


The company will be offering a competitive salary plus extra incentives based on KPI’s.

To Apply

Please contact Alex at Please include your CV.