Simba Smoby to launch B-Kind dolls in the UK

Published on: 16th November 2021

An eco-conscious doll line designed to promote kindness, B-Kind has been well-received among consumers in the US and is now arriving at UK retailers. 

Built around compassion and kindness, Jada Toys’ B-Kind collection is making its US autumn/winter debut online and on-shelf exclusively at Walmart. With the range attracting a great deal of interest both in the US and overseas, Simba Smoby Toys UK is anticipating a welcome reception for B-Kind in the UK upon its arrival in spring/summer 2022.

Designed to be eco-conscious, the B-Kind brand also promotes kindness, creativity and compassion. The range comprises five core characters – Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora and Daisy (B.K.I.N.D.) – which will be available in the UK as solids for online retailers and as an assortment of the five dolls for bricks & mortar locations. The dolls are made from recycled materials and come dressed in eco-fashions, and are boxed in recycled, reusable packaging created from ink made from soybeans.

The B-Kind dolls’ interests are relatable for the children of today, ranging from going green to saving the oceans and ending bullying; these interests will help to promote the importance of being kind to the environment, animals and each other. In the US, Jada Toys recently partnered with on a campaign aimed at aimed at spreading and encouraging kindness. Each B-Kind doll also encourages creativity through DIY play: kids can make an upcycled outfit for their doll, create a set of BFF bracelets using the ribbon handle on the box, and much more. Creative families can also use the packaging to construct their own Kindness Board – a space to display and share kindness goals – which can also be used as a background play scene for the dolls.

Mayur Pattni, marketing manager, Simba Smoby Toys UK, said: “The response to the B-Kind doll range in the UK has been really amazing. Buyers and retailers have reacted well to the recycled packaging and its design, as well as the design of the dolls, which are made of part recycled parts. The buyers also really liked the kindness and friendship messaging.”

Mayur added: “To ensure the collection’s success, we will be working with celebrities, influencers, kidfluencers and parenting sites. We will also be nominating the range for various award programmes. Helping to further drive demand, the range will be supported by short-form animated YouTube webisodes.”

For more information about B-Kind, email the Simba Smoby Toys UK team at or call 01620 674 778.


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