Spin Master announces Kawaii Crush

Published on: 18th June 2013

The Japanese culture of Kawaii has entered the UK, and Spin Master’s new property Kawaii Crush aims to be part of the trend for girls this year.KAWAII-CRUSH300

Many national newspapers have been reporting on the trend that has already taken over the British followers of fashion, and with the Hyper Japan event about to hit London at the end of July, interest is growing.

Kawaii is a Japanese adjective that means ‘cute’ or ‘loveable’. Kawaii Crush is a small doll property which embraces the trendy kawaii culture and combines it with doll features.

The collectable range has a theme to suit every girl, the first being the Cuddly Pet Collection available in July. Each of these eight dolls has a pet crush and comes with changeable fashions, a pet and matching pet outfit. Additional doll themes and playsets including the Hyper Happy Mall, Mini Shop Playsets in sunglasses and candy crushes, Day & Night sleepover gift pack, Large Doll and Custom Car, will all be available. Online entertainment also launches this Autumn to help to expand the world of Kawaii Crush.

A TV campaign will advertise the range and a targeted PR campaign will promote the brand with girls until Christmas.

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