Spin Master launches League of Legends collection

Published on: 14th October 2021

The new League of Legends Collection will include favourite characters from one of the world’s most-played PC games.

Spin Master has announced the launch of its first collection as the global master toy licensee for Riot Games’ League of Legends.

League of Legends was Riot Games’ debut title, released in 2009 to worldwide acclaim. It has gone on to be the most-played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of e-sports.

Now a mainstay in the multiplayer online battle arena, the team-based, strategy game sees two teams of five powerful champions face off to conquer the other’s base. Players choose from over 150 champions to make epic plays and take down towers as they battle their way to victory.

“We are honoured to debut the first of our League of Legends collection, delivering to fans their favourite champions in action figure form and bringing the excitement of the renowned game to the toy aisle,” said Chris Beardall, Spin Master’s president of Toys and chief commercial officer. “Our assortment of core and collector figures deliver innovation, meticulous attention to detail and enhanced collectability for the massive international League of Legends fan base, both on and offline – and this is just the beginning.”

“Our mission is to make it better to be a player,” added Ashley Maidy, head of Global Consumer Products at Riot Games. “This involves extending the joy of our League of Legends IP into the real world through a variety of products including toys and collectibles. We are excited for players to see more of the Spin Master collection in the coming months.”

The initial wave of the League of Legends Collection includes:

  • 6” Collector Figures, which feature sculpted and deco, premium paint and plastic and a material finish. The figures have over 18 points of articulation, game inspired premium accessories and a thematic figure base. Thresh and Zed options are available.
  • 4” Core Figures 5-Pack, which feature sculpted details and deco, plus over 12 points of articulation in a convenient five pack. Characters included are Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Vi and an exclusive version of Jinx.
  • Individual 4” Core Figures, which feature sculpted details and deco, a figure base and over 12 points of articulation. Champion favorites include Darius, Yasuo and Jinx.

To mark the occasion, Spin Master teamed up with two renowned toy photographers, Mitchel Wu and Jax Navarro, to create dynamic imagery to honour the champions and highlight the authenticity of the figures.

Spin Master’s League of Legends collection is suitable for fans aged 12 years and over and is available now.

Visit for more information and follow @leagueoflegends on social media.




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