Sylvanian Families goes social

Published on: 15th October 2012

Plans for a Sylvanian Families Twitter Party will see Flair engage directly with parents.

Expected to engage millions of Twitter users with the Sylvanian Families brand, Tuesday October 16th will see Flair join with parenting website to host 25 Twitter Parties.

Top bloggers from across the country will host their own social media parties, showcasing their favourite Sylvanian Families products to their guests, as well as offering Sylvanian-themed treats, games and competitions.

Each party will take place in real time and will be documented on Twitter, with the aim of getting #SylvanianFamiliesParty trending so that all Sylvanian Families fans are able to virtually attend and join in.

Holly Lackey, marketing manager of Girl’s Toys, said: “We recently saw huge success with our Jungle Junction Twitter Party, and believe this type of social media campaign is the perfect platform to target parents directly. With Sylvanian Families having a huge following, we expect this party to be even bigger, reaching fans across the world.”


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