Tactic Games reveals Let’s Play

Published on: 14th February 2018

The Finnish board game company has launched Let’s Play, a new collection of family games.

The collection features a range of six ‘snacking’ games which can be played straight from the box. Stored in easy to use plastic cases, the games are ideal for grab-and-go gaming and travel, and are suitable for ages three and up.

Choco is a chocolate-themed game of memory and luck for kids aged three years and above. Players shake the dice and match pieces to the symbols shown. If it matches, the player collects the piece and the person with the most pieces at the end wins.

What’s in the Fridge is a memory game played inside the box, which becomes a refrigerator with shelves. Created for kids aged five and up, players must guess what’s in the fridge while using the dice to swap items. The more items in the fridge, the harder the game becomes.

Bell Towers is a family speed puzzles played by two teams. Players must stack their pieces according to the rules on the revealed cards. The aim of the game is speed – the first player to 25 points, wins.

Doti is a family guessing game played in two teams and suitable for anyone aged eight years and up. Players use word cards that have shaped lines and dots on the reverse. The players can use 20 dots to create pictures for team mates to guess. But players beware – the other team can steal the word by guessing first.

A frantic guessing game for ages 12+, Panic Alias is played in two teams. Teams must guess their word before the time runs out, but the random timer creates a constant state of panic. The team interrupted by the timer collects a Panic token, the first team to get five tokens loses.

Rounding out the new range is the party game Not for a Million Bucks. Players must push their boundaries, picture themselves in impossible situations and let the others guess what they would do for a million bucks. For some, no silly stunt is a step too far, but others want to play it safe. Players must take turns at facing dangerous animals, doing outrageous stunts and performing hilarious scenarios to be the first to win a million bucks.

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