Rachael Simpson-Jones

Published on: March 27th, 2017

Favourite toys: Schleich model animals, particularly the horse and African animal collections, Breyer horses, and TY Beanie Babies ā€“ especially the classic bears

Sports team: The GB Olympic 3-day eventing equestrian team

Likes: Mountain-biking, walking my two dogs, kick boxing, cooking and films

I graduated from Roehampton University with a BSc. Hons in Zoology having spent many years teaching horse riding ā€“ including horseback archery. I then moved into publishing, working as an editor for a company that publishes a range of journals on environmental monitoring equipment. Iā€™m pleased to now be able to take the skills I developed in my previous role and apply them at Toy World magazine, particularly my passion for creating unique and original content across web and print platforms.

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