Thames & Kosmos to unveil 12 new board games at Toy Fair

Published on: 16th January 2017

The brand will launch more games in the first half of 2017 than in any other year.

thames480As with all games in the Thames & Kosmos portfolio, players can expect a strong mix of accessible and gateway games that expand play boundaries by offering surprising play experiences. Games on offer include:

Kerala – 2-5 players – 30 minutes.
A tile-laying game set during an elephant festival in the Indian province of Kerala, where decorated elephants need players to create the most elegant, colourful platforms to win best in show.

Word Slam – 3 or more players – 45 minutes.
Using no actual spoken words or actions, competing team story-tellers must simultaneously tell a story using only the 105 word cards, so that team-mates can guess the answer term which is the same for all teams. Against the clock and against each other, it’s a fast-paced word game with a twist.

Exit Games – 6+ players – 45-90 minutes.
Exit Games bring the real-life exit room experience trend to the tabletop. In each Exit game, the team starts out locked in a room and together players must solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to unlock doors and reveal new riddles. Each correct solution brings players to another riddle and eventually to freedom. The clock is ticking and players must solve all of the puzzles as fast as possible – the faster the team escapes the room and the fewer hints they use on the way, the more points they earn. There are three different titles in the Exit Games collection: The Pharoah’s Tomb, The Secret Lab and The Abandoned Kingdom.

Harry Hopper – 2-4 players – 20+ minutes.
Two teams of grasshoppers are both trying to knock over all of their blades of grass. Layers take turns making their grasshoppers hop towards the blades of grass. It takes a lot of skill to aim and launch them accurately. The team that knocks over their blades of grass first wins.

Lagoonies – 2-4 players – 20 minutes.
Players use magical bubble goggles to find their sea sprite friends, pick them out from the look-a-likes, and bring them safely back to the hiding hole in your reef without letting thesslippery ghost fish slip through their fingers.


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