The Genius of Play launches Emotional Wellness Playbook

Published on: 4th May 2023

The new Emotional Wellness Playbook from The Genius of Play offers a curated collection of play-based activities which teach kids how to express their feelings while having fun.

emotional wellness playbook

Developed in partnership with recognised mental health expert Starr Therapy Founder and Certified Holistic Health Coach Talia Filippelli, The Genius of Play’s new resource for parents and educators is launching just in time for Mental Health Awareness week this month, when mental health advocates across the USA will be sparking conversations about reducing the stigma around mental health. The digital playbook features 12 play ideas for kids ages three and over which effectively tackle the five key components of emotional intelligence: emotional self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

“Research has shown that children with a high emotional intelligence earn better grades, stay in school longer and make healthier choices overall,” said Anna Yudina, senior director of Marketing Initiatives at The Toy Association. “Play is one of the best ways to teach kids about just about anything, and boosting their emotional skills is no exception. From promoting relaxation to encouraging positive emotions, we invite families to use this guide to help kids’ little hearts grow bigger and stronger and build the foundation for a healthy adulthood.”

The Genius of Play’s mission is centred on helping families raise healthy and happy kids through play. This new playbook offers families and educators a tool to help children learn and practise emotional skills in ways that are fun and reduce stress.

Emoji Bingo offers a twist on a classic game which helps improve emotional self-awareness by teaching kids to label their emotions and, therefore, not become overwhelmed by big feelings when they occur. Calming Bottle is a DIY activity that can help those who struggle with self-regulation. Puppet Play helps kids practise empathy and social skills and Vision Board helps build their motivation and self-confidence.

The playbook is available now online in a digital book format. For more information about The Genius of Play, the US Toy Association’s nonprofit initiative, click here.


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