Topps announces Transformers trading cards

Published on: 10th June 2014

This month will see Autobots take on Decepticons as Topps brings a new Transformers trading card game to market.TT-300

The company is fuelling the excitement surrounding the launch of the latest Transformers 4: Age of Extinction movie in July, with the brand new set of cards. The comprehensive collection features a range of characters from the previous three Transformers movies, alongside new characters from the upcoming film. Kids will be able to collect and swap New Autobots, Decepticons, villains and human characters, including Mark Wahlberg.

Louise Ramplin, entertainment marketing manager for Topps, comments: “The hugely popular franchise is back for what looks set to be a box-office smash. We are delighted to be bringing to market a collection that will give fans of all ages a fun-filled accompaniment to the new movie. The Transformers Trading Card Game will provide a fun way for fans to engage with the on-screen action and offers retailers an opportunity to capitalise on what we are sure will be a bit hit this summer; we anticipate the series to be a success both on and off the playground.”

There are over 170 cards to collect, including special mirror-foil and rainbow cards.

The Transformers Trading Card Game will arrive at retail on 12th June. Starter Packs will contain a collector binder, game guide, reversible game mat, a packet of trading cards and a special limited edition. Packets of 8 cards will retail at £1 each and collectable mini tins will retailing at £5.99.

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