Toy businesses set to benefit from financial forecast service

Published on: 19th November 2018 is an affordable and comprehensive online forecaster and calculator for businesses.

Joe Jonkler, creator of Figurewizard.

For seasonal toy businesses, it’s essential to make sure that working capital, cash flow and financial arrangements are in place to deal with the up-front expenditure and investment needed to cope with forthcoming high demand. That calls for planning profits, liquidity and cash for the year or years ahead.

Figurewizard, the brainchild of entrepreneur Joe Jonkler, makes all this possible in a simple, inexpensive and straightforward manner in a matter of minutes.

All the user has to do is to enter their proposed sales, margin, purchases, overheads and investment figures, plus a few simple ratios, to generate thirteen forecasts for profit and loss, balance sheets, analysis, monthly cash flow and the bank, plus how much external finance may be needed. Figurewizard requires no training, and corporation tax and VAT are all automatically calculated and applied by the system.

In this respect Figurewizard is unique, as are its three calculators. The What-If calculator and planner shows figures as ‘before and after’. A user can then make changes; for example, reduce fixed overheads by 10% or increase gross profit margin. Everything, including profits, cash flows, working capital and tax, update in real time.

The second calculator deals with factoring/supply chain finance and cash flow. Users simply select the percentage of invoicing to be factored, and the service charge and interest (if any) will update in real time. The third calculator deals with proposed dividends. Only the value of the dividend and the month it is to be paid are required, and users can then benefit from real time updates, monthly bank balance reports and reports on undrawn facilities plus year end solvency, liquidity and equity.

Forecasts and calculators are shown on-site as live working examples. Visitors can either choose to edit forecasts and make changes, or do so with the What-If calculator.

Joe commented: “When I ran my own business I searched long and hard for a service like FigureWizard but was unable to find one. I decided to create my own, and after three years FigureWizard was born. Subscribers can save up to 100 full sets of forecasts which can be retrieved and updated at any time for £20 a year, instead of hundreds of pounds a time.”

Users can also enjoy a free ‘try before you buy’ trial to see if it will work for their business.

For more information, click here.


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