Toy World announces the Toy World Awards

Published on: 1st April 2016

With so many award ceremonies for the toy and licensing markets, we thought it was high time that the leading magazine in this sector should have its own set of awards.

But, as ever with Toy World, these are not just your run-of-the-mill awards: these are awards with a twist, awards with personality and humour that reflect the wonderful industry we work in and love so much.

twirlys480So today Toy World is proud to announce The Toy World Awards, or The Twirlys, a truly unique set of awards that will get the whole toy and licensing community talking.

Here are the categories up for grabs:

Best Retail Buyer
Worst Retail Buyer

Best Salesperson
Worst Salesperson

Best Marketeer
Marketing Prevention Award (for the person who has the word marketing in their job title, but who has perfected the art of not actually doing any marketing)

PR Company of the Year
Worst PR company of the year (an inability to spell or punctuate correctly, or over-proliferation of inappropriate exclamation marks in press releases will very much be taken into consideration)

Parent Blogger of the Year
Parent Blagger of the Year (for the blogger who has made an art form out of blagging free stuff in return for writing a sycophantic ‘review’ which is destined to be read by two close relatives and a couple of mates, but who claims to have thousands of ‘followers’)

The Dick Turpin award for the most inventive request by a retailer for a ‘contribution’

The person who spends most of their working life in a meeting (You know the one: “can I speak to ‘X’?” “No, I’m sorry, he / she is in a meeting.” Every time you call)

The person who answers their phone or email the least (Suppliers may feel that retailers have this category sewn up, but let me assure you that there are numerous people working at toy companies who are just as ‘elusive’)

The person who will just not shut up on twitter award

Most amusing Job Title (You might choose to vote for someone with lots of letters masquerading as a job title – COOVPLEMEA or the like – although anyone with the word ‘solutions’ in their title should surely be in with a strong chance of winning)

Least appropriate product featured in a toy magazine (Lots of candidates, but models of Hitler or Donald Trump, horror movie figurines or anything with the word ‘sex’ or ‘erotic’ must be in with a decent shout)

Most over-licensed property (Kerching for the licensor, while the clearance section beckons for many of the licensees and retailers)

Most creative reason for not paying an invoice

Most outrageous exaggeration of online traffic (if you somehow find it reasonable to ‘claim’ 50% more readers than the number of people who actually visit the Nuremberg Toy Fair each year, your time in the spotlight is nigh)

In every category there will be the following awards: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Highly Commended, Not-So Highly Commended, Above-Averagely Commended and Commended – that should give us plenty of people to attend our glittering ceremony at a prestigious London venue (date and location to be confirmed), where there will be many fantastic sponsorship opportunities including the road outside, the nearest tube station, the tradesman’s entrance – not a euphemism – ,the cutlery, the napkins, the napkin rings, the chandeliers and, of course, the toilets…no award ceremony is complete without sponsored toilets!

There will be no panel of experts (or whichever junior member of staff draws the short straw and is sent along to judge on the day), this is a truly demographic award – so it’s over to you, the good people of Toyland, as to who wins in each category. Click here for a voting form.




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