Toy World Team

  • John Baulch
  • Publisher and Managing Editor
  • 01442 502 408

Favourite toys: Thunderbirds (or any Gerry Anderson series), Striker (Football game from the 70s)
Sports team: Watford FC
Likes: Music/Singing, Football, a chilled NZ Sauvignon Blanc

I have over 30 years experience of working in the toy trade press, dating back to 1980, when I first joined Toy Trader magazine. In January 1983 I was head-hunted by the owner of Toys n Playthings, where I stayed until June 2011 (28 years – you get less time for murder!). Although I have launched numerous publications in other industries over the years, I have always enjoyed working with the toy and licensing trades more than any other I have been involved with. In 2011, I decided that the time was right to branch out and launch my own toy trade magazine: Toy World. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my career in the toy industry, and making Toy World indispensable reading for anyone connected with the toy trade.

  • Mark Austin
  • Sales Director
  • 01442 502 405

Favourite toys: K-Nex, Meccano, Pogs! My eldest son’s favourite toys include VTech’s Toot Toot range (he loves it!), Gadget the robot, board games such as Destination Junior, Monopoly, and a number of Orchard Toys learning games. He loves Despicable Me!
Sports team: Manchester City, I’m a massive football fan, for a few years I have been a season card holder with my dad. I have to watch every game. I went through all of my school life being a laughing stock for supporting City, I don’t see them laughing now (mainly because I don’t see anyone from school, apart from a Leeds United fan who I feel sorry for!).
Likes: Spending time with my family and my boys Olly and Oscar.

With over 10 years in publishing, working across daily/weekly newspapers, monthly/bi-monthly magazines amongst a number of other platforms, the toy industry is by far my favourite, having two young children it is the perfect industry to be involved in.

  • Anita Baulch
  • Circulation & Financial Director
  • 01923 711 439

Favourite toys: my dolls Tiny Tears, Katy Copycat, Sindy & Pippa. Also boxed games, especially ones with lots of bits like Haunted House, On the Buses & Cluedo
Sports team: Err…there’s a note from my Mum here somewhere…
Likes: Good food and wine, music, reading, theatre – especially musicals. If I’m not here of an afternoon I’ve probably popped off to a matinee.

Upon graduating from Durham I worked first in store for Boots then at Head Office for Makro, both times heavily involved with the Toy Department.

At a Harrogate Toy Fair Function (you know how it is…) I met John. Reader, I married him and family life became my priority for a while. Now I am delighted to support him and the team in this exciting addition to toy industry publishing. Contact me to update your subscription or for any invoicing queries.

  • Rachael Simpson-Jones
  • Editor
  • 01442 502 406

Favourite toys: Schleich model animals, particularly the horse and African animal collections, Breyer horses, and TY Beanie Babies – especially the classic bears

Sports team: The GB Olympic 3-day eventing equestrian team

Likes: Mountain-biking, walking my two dogs, kick boxing, cooking and films

I graduated from Roehampton University with a BSc. Hons in Zoology having spent many years teaching horse riding – including horseback archery. I then moved into publishing, working as an editor for a company that publishes a range of journals on environmental monitoring equipment. I’m pleased to now be able to take the skills I developed in my previous role and apply them at Toy World magazine, particularly my passion for creating unique and original content across web and print platforms.

  • Mark Crowford
  • Design and Production Manager
  • 01442 502 405

Favourite toys: Still love the classics such as Subbuteo and Scalextric and don’t need to be asked twice to dig them out of the attic, but to my mind you can’t beat a Call of Duty marathon on the Xbox. I can also play a mean game of Scrabble…currently unbeaten!

Sports team: Life long Arsenal fan and sucker for punishment.

Likes: A good barbeque, holidays in the sun, watching and playing sports, especially football and tennis.

After working in Advertising for a few good years, I decided to go it alone and became a Freelancer and worked with most of the big agencies in London as a Creative Artworker. I moved away from the big smoke for a less hectic work life and I am now over the moon to have struck the right balance and be a part of the Toy World team.

  • Lisa Currie
  • Assistant Editor
  • 01442 502 406

Favourite Toys: Lego, Bratz dolls, Polly Pocket, Animal Hospital and the classic Barbie doll.

Sports Team: Manchester United FC, Sheffield Sabrecats Stunt Cheerleading.

Likes: I love to travel. My hobbies include baking (and eating), watching films, running and spending time with friends and family – and, of course, my dog.

I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in English Literature (BA Hons). At University I was a writer and deputy editor at The Tab Sheffield, a website covering youth and student culture. After spending two months travelling around South East Asia and Australia, I wanted to continue working in an editorial role and was thrilled to be given the role of Assistant Editor at Toyworld Magazine.