Turbospoke announces Turbospoke Classic

Published on: 30th August 2013

Turbospoke Classic is the new pocket-money-priced bicycle noise maker from Turbospoke.01_TS_CLASSIC_DISPLAY_BOX_F

Developed on the original ‘card in the spokes’ idea, Turbospoke Classic has a universal fixture and uses durable and waterproof sound cards. Turbospoke Classic fits easily onto bikes, and one of the two sound cards can slide in; as soon as the wheel turns the noise begins, and the harder you pedal the louder it gets.

The compact design means more than one Turbospoke Classic can be fit to a bike, giving big volume and tuneable sounds. Small adjustments to the location and angle of the Turbospoke Classic make a big difference.

Drawing inspiration from the roots of this simple idea, Turbospoke Classic has blended a retro look with a clean design to create a toy with a pocket-money price so kids can buy their own.

Turbospoke Classic is a standalone product and can also be used in conjunction with other Turbospoke products. Just like its larger counterpart, Turbospoke Classic comes with everything needed to install it on any bike as well as two sound cards.

Turbospoke Classic will launch this September in the UK and Ireland in Halfords and toy and bike shops. For all sales and supply enquiries, please contact Ernest the Bear Toys, the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Turbospoke.

Tom Maxwell, chief designer at Turbospoke, said: “I’m really excited by Turbospoke Classic. The simplicity of the design which generates such great noises from such a small item is really cool. I’m also excited because the price point of Turbospoke Classic will bring the Turbospoke brand into a range of exciting new channels and markets.”

Mike FitzGerald, proprietor of Ernest the Bear Toys, added: “I too am very excited about this product. It is attractively packaged yet sturdy; it makes kids participate in healthy outdoor activity and is priced for the pocket-money and impulse-buy market. It is a winner on all fronts. Orders are lining up for it as we write. There is no doubt that it will be a best seller.”

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