Vance Withers Cooking for Business is available now

Published on: 14th October 2019

Vance’s new book is available to purchase as a Kindle edition and in paperback on Amazon. 

Vance Withers is an experienced company director, now running The 496 Partnership. He has previously worked at Worlds Apart, now Moose Toys, as a commercial consultant and in the FMCG industry. His new book, Cooking for Business, has been written to provide a reference point to kickstart new thinking or to use alongside initiatives already in place.

The book is for anyone seeking guidance in commercial life and is ideal for those who run a business – from start-ups to seasoned company owners working in all kinds of industries – as it is packed with helpful growth tips and strategies, personnel advice and real-life insights into the ever-evolving world of business.

Written by an industry expert with years of experience, working with leading companies in the UK and internationally, readers will find many innovative pieces of information that can make a real difference to the day-to-day running and overseeing of any business, such as; the importance of planning, breaking down big goals into smaller steps, investing in personnel, the real qualities of a successful leader, celebrating successes (big or small) and more.

Vance said: “My aim with this book is to challenge people to consider how to get the best ‘ingredients’ into their respective businesses and also to help them understand how best to treat them to get even better results. I believe that the two disciplines (or passions) of cooking and developing people are very closely linked. Each one depends upon having the right ingredients, in the right amounts, mixing them carefully and allowing time for the flavours to bond together. Checking on progress regularly but not fussing – allowing time for the dish to cook correctly.”

Cooking for Business takes an upbeat and positive look at what’s working and what isn’t, and how to get business and systems back on an even keel. It is easy to read, with a practical and comprehensive approach, and is a highly valuable book which can prove to be the catalyst to creating and maintaining a flourishing business.

Cooking for Business is available on Amazon to download or in paperback format.


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