Wicked Uncle London tube advertising campaign underway

Published on: 1st December 2021

As well as adverts at tube stations across London, large posters have been positioned at suburban and commuter stations to ensure the campaign maximised its reach.

After a hiatus last year, the Wicked Uncle name is now all over the London Underground once again, thanks to an extensive tube advertising campaign which aims to ensure that commuters receive a daily reminder to not forget Christmas presents for children this festive period.

As an online present specialist, Wicked Uncle’s business is largely made up of parents and grandparents visiting the site, looking for a present for a grandchild or niece or nephew.

Following a successful campaign in 2019, this year’s bright and cheery festive posters carry the tagline “Gifts kids love” and emphasise the key attributes of ordering from Wicked Uncle, highlighting the company’s range of “fun and unusual presents.”

The adverts also call out the company’s next day delivery service and gift wrapping option.

The online toy and gift retailer says it has invested “a non-trivial amount” in the activity. “We like to think we are cheering people up,” Wicked Uncle founder and director, Michael O’Shea, told Toy World, “and hopefully driving a few sales to us too. Cool or what?!”

Mike added that the company has also placed some of the bigger posters by suburban and commuter stations as far afield as Southampton and Winchester, “to catch our country brethren with the big FO houses.”

Mike has been out and about in London himself, personally checking out the campaign, and joked that he should offer a tenner to “anyone who can make a journey though the centre of London WITHOUT seeing one of our posters.” He added: “I saw five today from Gloucester Road to Kings Cross while reading my emails. So I don’t think it is possible.”

Mike and brother Liam, with whom he co-founded the company, say they believe it is good for the toy industry that their company is prepared to spend big to spread the word. “We are in a great business,” added Mike. “Where else do you go to work to make children happy?”

You can visit the Wicked Uncle website here.


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