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Accentuate launches with Bandai in Spain

Published on: October 11th, 2018

Graeme and Fiona Fraser-Bell are launching a second international edition of their award-winning game.

With Accentuate growing its following both at home and abroad, the game came to the attention of Bandai España, which set about working closely with sibling game designers the Fraser-Bells to create the first foreign language edition of the game in Spanish. The game is already distributed in English in the UK, with a localised version created last year for the United States.

The Spanish edition of the game will be available in Spain from Q4 of 2018. It features 30 different accents from around the world, including a variety of different Spanish dialects such as Vasque and Gallego. The famous movie quotes within the game have been chosen to fit a Spanish-speaking audience.

Graeme Fraser-Bell, CEO of Accentuate Games, commented: “We are so fortunate to find the same ethos, enthusiasm and passion in the team at Bandai España, where Accentuate fits perfectly within its growing games portfolio. With Spanish the second-most commonly spoken language in the world, we are excited by the potential of bringing the game to a potential audience of more than 400m Spanish speakers.”

Raúl Guerrero, managing director of Bandai España, said: “From monitoring the progress of Accentuate, we are confident the game perfectly bridges the existing offerings within our current portfolio. I am convinced we can make this unique, accent-based game a success in Spain. All of us at Bandai are excited about the challenge of spreading the contagious hilarity of Accentuate throughout Spain and beyond.”

Fiona Fraser-Bell, sales & marketing director for Accentuate Games, added: “This was no simple copy and paste process; we worked hand-in-hand with Bandai to re-design the game from the ground-up, ensuring it was comprehensively localised to meet the expectations of the Spanish market.”


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