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Alpha Group accelerates its European growth

Published on: May 19th, 2017

Antoine Erligmann appointed as VP of media, TV & licensing in EMEA.

AntionneThe Alpha Group continues its international expansion with the announcement of the appointment of Antoine Erligmann as vice president media, TV & licensing EMEA, effective 15th May. Alpha Group is consolidating its organisation and expanding its teams in Europe. The arrival of Antoine Erligmann is keeping with the ambitions of Alpha Group’s founders to become a key player in the European market over the next ten years.

Ray Wang, chief content officer and president of International Alpha Group, commented: “This recruitment is an accelerator in the development of our European potential, Antoine will be an important part of Alpha global kids IP strategy. Antoine Erligmann joins the Alpha group to lead the strategy, create and develop the media, TV & licensing business in Europe, and to support the development of our toy division – notably the subsidiaries recently established in France by Didier Carreras, in England by Mark Hyndman, and in Northern and Eastern Europe by Patrick Potgiesser, as well as our distributors in the other regions.”

Antoine commented: “I am thrilled to join the Alpha Group, which holds a leading position in the Chinese market in the media, TV, licensing and toy industry, and is expanding rapidly internationally. This is an amazing opportunity, and I am extremely proud to be part of this international growth.”

Antoine will be in charge of TV distribution and licensing development of brands such as Super Wings and Infinity Nado in the short term, keeping in mind that Alpha Group is currently developing a number of other brands that are set to arrive on the market as early as 2018.

Antoine’s principal roles will be to establish the media strategy, negotiate and direct the distribution of TV series across European markets and develop licensing programmes in EMEA. He will also participate in the development of co-productions and digital strategy.

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