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BubbleSaver appoints Kids International Marketing

Published on: May 17th, 2019

K.I.M. will manage the search for international distributors and UK & Ireland retailers.

Within days of its initial trade press announcement, Danish company BubbleSaver has announced that it has appointed Kids International Marketing (K.I.M.).

BubbleSaver is a unique patented device which, when added to standard bubble bottles, eliminates any spillage.

K.I.M’s founder Kim Carter commented: “Inventor Jakob Adeltoft can be rightfully proud to have found the solution to an age old problem. Parents world wide are going to love this product. Distributors from all over the world will be able to see BubbleSaver in the K.I.M. showroom at Distoy at the end of the month.”

Wendy Wood manages K.I.M’s UK & Ireland sales, and is seeking early adopters for this innovative product. First production has arrived in Denmark and can be on UK retail shelves in June.

K.I.M. is a UK based toy company which works with smaller companies providing them with entry to the global toy market.

For distribution enquiries contact: Kim or Corrinne Carter at

For UK & Ireland retail sales contact: Wendy Wood for an appointment now at

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