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Ethical Toy Program announces new board members

Published on: March 8th, 2019

Olivia Lankester, Michael Hyde and Alain Délétroz join the ICTI governing board.

Following the January 2019 Governing Board meeting, the ICTI Ethical Toy Program has announced the appointment of three new members to its governing board.

Joining the board are Olivia Lankester, senior director, global head of social impact at the Lego Group; Michael Hyde, executive director of the Character Group; and Alain Délétroz, director general at Geneva Call, a humanitarian NGO protecting civilians in areas of armed conflict.

“We extend a very warm welcome to our new governing board members and look forward to the knowledge and expertise they will bring to the board,” said Carmel Giblin, president and CEO of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program. “As we build on the enhancements and developments we delivered to the Ethical Toy Program in 2018, our board will be instrumental in supporting our growth plans as we extend our Buyer Membership Program and increase the number of certified factories thereby benefitting even more workers.”

ICTI has also said goodbye to three of its longest serving board members. In January 2019, Alan Munn, and Maria Livanos Cattaui stepped down after 15 years of service on the board, and Pär Stenbäck, after 11 years.

Alan, Pär and Maria have all been central figures in guiding the Ethical Toy Program since its inception. Maria was co-chair of the Governing Board, Alan served as chair of the Finance Committee, and Pär chaired the Nominations and Governance Committee.

Carmel added: “We offer our profound thanks to Alan, Pär and Maria all of whom served on our governing board since our organisation was founded in 2006. Each has made a substantial contribution to the successful governance of the organisation. They have held key roles in helping to establish IETP and nurture its growth into the world’s leading responsible sourcing programme for the toy and entertainment industry which has benefited over a million toy factory workers globally. We are grateful for their generosity of time, and their dedication to our development over the years.”

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