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Funko store opens on Hollywood Boulevard

Published on: November 20th, 2019

The store is now open and offers a host of in store experiences for fans as well as exclusives and special events.

With twice the footprint of the 17,000-foot flagship store near the company’s headquarters in Everett, Washington, the Hollywood location is the second bricks and mortar premises for Funko.

Molly Hartney, Funko’s chief marketing officer, commented: “We decided on a second location for the customer experience and to help build the brand through the customer’s eyes. We wanted to do that in a location that could be considered the mecca of entertainment, and that is Hollywood. All of our studio partners are in the vicinity, and our licensing team and other elements of the business are also in Hollywood.”

Befitting the Hollywood location, plans are in the pipeline for Warner Bros. to produce and develop the first-ever animated film featuring Funko’s pop-culture figures, which include several Warner IPs including Harry Potter’s Wizarding World and the DC Universe. Both IPs, plus a host of further cinematic properties, have their own space in the store, alongside Funko’s extensive range of anime, sports, music, gaming and pop culture franchises.

The store aims to immerse customers in the Funko brand in new and exciting ways, that can’t be experienced in other retail environments, either physical or online. Molly continued: “This is definitely more than purely a brick and mortar retail store. It’s a customer experience. It’s a testament to the Funko belief that everyone is a fan of something.”

The lighting in store is strategically placed for customers to take the optimum selfie, and the shop floor offers a host of photo ops for customers to share. The store also has a VIP area hidden behind a TARDIS, for exclusive launches and events.

Funko is observing carefully how the store is received, with a view to considering further retail opportunities globally.

The Funko Hollywood Store is located at 6201 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028.

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