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Hasbro considers moving HQ out of Rhode Island

Published on: December 17th, 2018

Brian Goldner has said Hasbro will announce within the next 3-6 months where it will build its future headquarters. 

In an interview at his corporate office in Pawtucket, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said he would “really like to” keep the company based in the state where it was founded nearly a century ago. But, he said, “we need to be a modern play and entertainment company, which is our mantra, and we have to deliver that in the facility we all live in and work in.”

Noting that Hasbro now has offices in 40 countries worldwide, including multiple ones in the US, Brian said: “We all in our hearts love Rhode Island. But we also have a group of shareholders who invest in this company from all over the world, and they want us to make the best possible decision for our employees, our brands and our company.”

“Obviously, our desire would be to be in Rhode Island, but we have to look broader than that in order to make sure that whatever decision we make is a really good one for the company and our employees,” he added, saying the company is “probably still another three to six months from a real plan.”

Hasbro is one of Rhode Island’s biggest and best-known corporations, with roughly 1,600 of its over 6,000 employees working in the state. However, state leaders are nervous about the possibility the company may move out of Rhode Island.

Brian acknowledged Hasbro’s internal discussion about a new headquarters has been ongoing for “a couple of years.” He said the company is partly looking to consolidate its Rhode Island workforce — currently dispersed between offices in Pawtucket, East Providence and Providence — and partly seeking the kind of office that would attract a new crop of employees.

Brian said he has been “spending a lot of time” with Governor Gina Raimondo, “giving her perspective on how we’re looking at a potential move and/or renovation, and deciding what’s the best way to be in Rhode Island.”

Gina met privately with the General Assembly’s two leaders, House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello and Senate President Dominick Ruggerio, to brief them on the matter and strategise how to keep Hasbro in the state.

“Hasbro is a global company with global options in a changing industry,” the three leaders said in a joint statement after their meeting. “As Hasbro looks at its options, we will all work together — with Hasbro, the city of Pawtucket and local leaders from across the state — to do everything we can to keep Hasbro and Hasbro’s jobs in Rhode Island.”

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