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JouéClub celebrates 10 year anniversary in Lebanon

Published on: July 16th, 2019

This year marks the 10th anniversary of  JouéClub, a milestone event which is being celebrated in the Middle East.

The first Lebanon JouéClub store was opened back in 2009 on 14th July 2009; this was subsequently followed by seven other store openings across the country.

Celebrations are currently taking place and will continue over a period of 10 days until the 20th July. Customers can enjoy special anniversary incentives, generous loyalty programmes, e-platform exclusive one day offers, and giveaways of major brands. The celebration will also honour six members of staff who have been a part of JouéClub since day one.

JouéClub is a leading toy and baby product retailer, with more than 350 stores across France and Europe and eight stores in Lebanon.

JouéClub was franchised in Lebanon by Magic Tree SAL and offers an impressive assortment of toys, games, sporting goods, electronics and baby products.


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