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Kidz Global announces name change for annual report

Published on: August 23rd, 2017

The Kids Observer report will now be known as The Kid Consumer.

Kidz Global, a global market research agency that specialises in areas such as toys, video games, entertainment and education, has changed the name of its annual survey Kids Observer to The Kid Consumer.

Despite the name change, the report still annually tracks and reports all the facts, behaviours and patterns of approximately 48,000 children aged between 3-18 years in 15 countries globally (and counting). The information contained within the reports helps businesses that have a focus on children, teens and families develop their products, customer service and marketing strategy to develop their brand performance.

In brief, the detailed report covers: Daily Routine, Kids & Digital, Pocket Money, Xmas Presents, Collections, Super Heroes, Kids & advertising, and Demographics.

The Kid Consumer reports offer views from both children and their parents. These thoughts and opinions support brands and businesses in their product development, marketing, sales, and communications. However, these views are also constantly changing and evolving across many cultures, and staying abreast of this through high-quality, well-researched reports is vital.

The 48,000 children and parents interviewed for the study are asked about all the covered topics four times a year, meaning the results are comprehensive and detailed. They also cover variations in trends, and reflect the short-natured attention span that children can have towards certain toys, apps and entertainment.

A company spokesperson for Kidz Global commented: “Our The Kid Consumer reports continue to help brands pioneer in their marketplace, offering tailored and bespoke knowledge and strategies that can help in the development of their business. This includes views and opinions from both children and their mums.”

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