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Maxi Toys acquired by Portuguese investment fund

Published on: January 29th, 2019

Green Swan has the acquired toy store chain, which has stores in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Green Swan, which bought Toys R Us’ Spanish and Portuguese operations last year, has acquired all of Maxi Toys’ activities, shops and logistics operations for an undisclosed sumĀ from its former owner Blokker Holding.

The capital fund has a strategic focus on the toy sector, and intends to continue the expansion of Maxi Toys by investing heavily in innovation and a personalised shopping experience. CEO Alain Hellebaut will remain at the helm.

Alain commented: “The acquisition by Green Swan will enable Maxi Toys to progress further along our omnichannel growth path in the field of marketing, management and customer experience. Within the new group, Maxi Toys will have the opportunity to be further rolled-out as an international brand. The synergy with the other toy activities of Green Swan should result in economies of scale and innovation.”

The sale is good news for the 1,100 employees of the chain, and also for Blokker Holding. Blokker CEO Michiel Witteveen says that the company will now be able to focus more on its operational management and sales of other companies.

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