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Toysmith welcomes Michael Keaton as CEO

Published on: March 5th, 2019

Michael currently serves on the board of directors for the US and Canadian Toy Associations.

Michael comes to Toysmith with extensive toy industry experience, having served as President of Schleich North America for over three years and in senior leadership roles at the Lego Group for 13 years.

“I am thrilled to join the team that has built such a well-respected toy distribution and manufacturing organisation,” Michael commented. “Not only is Toysmith the leader in customer service and helping its retail partners achieve success, but more importantly for decades the company has shared my core values of delivering high-quality, open-ended play experiences for kids of all ages and backgrounds.”

Martin Crowley, vice president of Product Development at Toysmith stated: “For decades we’ve endeavoured to promote creative play and spark imaginations by developing a broad assortment of toys and activities that foster open-ended play; toys that allow a child to arrive at their own outcome in an un-directed fashion. For us, this includes everything from water play and fly & launch, nostalgic toys and bouncy balls, to role-play toys and outdoor activities. And we can’t forget simple, hands-on activities such as compounds, tactile toys and rudimentary science and STEM. We do it all.”

Michael added: “As a parent, I believe it is crucial to continue to embrace and promote creative, open-ended play for kids, especially in an era that is so digital in nature. I see it as imperative, and can’t wait to continue providing these types of toys and activities for kids through my role at Toysmith for many years to come.”

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