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New Zag partnerships introduce hybrid CGI-live TV series and toy line

Published on: February 11th, 2016

Four international entertainment companies have joined together to create the new series.

zag480Under its Zag Heroez label, the company has partnered with family entertainment film company, 1492 Pictures, master toy partner, Playmates, and French producer, Method Animation for 52 episodes of high-quality CGI-live action hybrid entertainment.

“This generation of kids are ready for a new hybrid show that bridges the gap between the reality of live action and the fantasy of the CGI world,” said Jeremy Zag, CEO at Zag. “With these fantastic partners, we have pulled together the best of each world to produce this unique and revolutionary content.”

The currently untitled hybrid series is currently planned for global TV broadcast in spring 2018, with a comprehensive toy and licensing program release in autumn 2018.

With the success of Zag Heroez’ Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir airing on broadcast platforms around the world, as well as Zak Storm, Zag continues to produce and deliver content with global franchise potential.

Jared Wolfson, president franchise integration and business development at Zag, commented: “We like to pull inspiration from the unlimited reach of children’s imaginations. In this visually stunning hybrid execution, we will deliver action, adventure and comedy in a way that will resonate with kids around the world. Paired with organic integration of meaningful themes, heroic characters, powerful wish fulfillment and aspirational rituals, we’ve positioned this new IP for long-term sustainability and extension into various digital platforms and robust licensing programs.”

Thomas Chan, CEO of Playmates Toys, commented: “We’re honoured to extend our vast history in designing, developing and executing high-quality toy lines to these best-in-class partners on this great new property.”

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