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Rubik’s presents Speed-cubing World Championship 2019

Published on: July 8th, 2019

The 10th Speed-cubing World Championship is set to take place in Melbourne, Australia, this month. 

The Rubik’s Cube will take centre stage in Australia this year as Melbourne gears up to be the first ever Australian host of the World Cubing Association (WCA) Speed-cubing World Championship in July 2019. The World Championship titles in the 18 WCA disciplines will be hotly contested at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between 11th and 14th July.

Speed-cubing involves solving a variety of twisty puzzles, the most famous puzzles being the Rubik’s Cube and 3x3x3 puzzle, as quickly as possible. Every two years, speed-cubers from around the world gather for an extended weekend of puzzle solving and intense competition.

Media representatives have been invited to cover the event and speak with speed cubists from across the globe, as well as attend several Rubik’s Cube art installations around Melbourne by internationally acclaimed Artist Giovanni Contardi. Not only does he hold the world record for solving the brain teaser one-handed in 9.43 seconds, but he can also manipulate hundreds of them into realistic celebrity portraits.

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