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Simba Dickie Group reports on business performance in 2017

Published on: February 6th, 2018

There was growth in sales through core companies Simba and Dickie in Europe.

The Simba Dickie Group has provided an update. “The Simba Dickie Group achieved consolidated sales of €645m in 2017,” announces the Group’s CFO, Manfred Duschl. “Adjusted for foreign exchange rates, this equates to an increase of roughly 3.3% compared with 2016.”

Growth was thus higher than the market rate in the Group’s key European markets.

“Yet another cause for optimism in 2017 was the fact that the Simba Dickie Group, through two of its core companies, the Simba Group and the Dickie Group, achieved an increase in sales that was above the overall growth rate in the countries in which it predominantly operates,” explains Manfred Duschl.

The overseas subsidiaries also announced higher sales again in 2017, albeit with a slightly smaller increase than last year due to streamlining processes and consolidation activities.

The Simba Group, along with the companies BIG and Noris Spiele, posted consolidated sales of €180.2m in 2017. This shows a 12.5% increase in sales compared with €160.2m in 2016.

Some of this year-on-year increase can be attributed to the merger of Smoby Toys Hong Kong into Simba Toys Hong Kong and Smoby Toys Deutschland into BIG, which saw Smoby’s percentage of sales being attributed to the Simba Group in 2017.

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