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Smileyworld collectibles back for a second season with Simba

Published on: February 1st, 2018

The second series of collectibles launched to trade at Nuremberg Toy Fair on 31st January.

This follows on from very positive sell out at retail, which will see the collectibles have another run at retail in the first quarter 2018, with potential expanded territories into Spain and Russia. The first series launch, which was supported by a major marketing campaign, which included; television advertising and blogger campaign with some of Germany’s leading video un-boxers continues to be a hit at retail.

Lori Heiss, VP of brand strategy, commented: “We are really excited to partner with Simba Toys again for a second series range of Smiley collectibles. The new series draws on Smiley’s vast dictionary of expressive icons and offers a range of 50 expressions that can attach to your phone or keyboard via suction cups and also double up as pen toppers. This toy creation allows our customers to pimp the products that are key to their lifestyle, so that they can express whatever mood they are in at any time. The collectibles also offer a real platform to help kids develop their emotional intelligence and understand the full range of human emotions and this is something that we are super passionate about.”

Due to the success of the first series, series 2 has been earmarked to launch in extended global territories including Germany, Poland, Italy, France and this will again be supported by a far reaching marketing campaign.

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