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ThumbsUp expands into Brazil

Published on: March 22nd, 2012

Ana Cristina Simões, head of ThumbsUp Brazil

British gift and gadget developer ThumbsUp has announced its expansion into South America with a new office opening in São Paulo, Brazil.

The move into Brazil is part of the company’s commitment to a worldwide expansion strategy.

Head of ThumbsUp Brazil, Ana Cristina Simões, claims there is a gap in the Brazilian domestic market for innovative design products saying: “The nature of strong markets means that buyers are looking for products that transform the trivial into something creative, fun and unusual. ThumbsUp absolutely takes this approach to product development, which is why this new territory seemed so fitting. ThumbsUp is currently well known in the US and is now focusing on Brazil; we hope to eventually grow to service all of South America.”

A new Brazilian website is in place, and large Brazilian retail chains such as Livraria, Nobel and Papel Craft are already stocking product. ThumbsUp’s research revealed Brazil boasted a rapidly developing economy with a population of over 190 million, and demand for consumer goods far exceeds supply.

Wojtek Kolan, head of business development at ThumbsUp comments: “We are very excited about the new move and have been getting great responses from retailers, who like us are passionate about fun, innovative and unique products. It really is a great time for us to get a foothold in this surging market.’’




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