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Toy sales up 26% pre-Christmas in the US

Published on: January 11th, 2017

According to NPD, toy sales spiked in the week leading up to 24th December.

toys480Sales in the category were led by dolls and infant, toddler and pre-school toys.

Results show sales across in-store and online channels in the US were 16% higher than the same week in 2015.

NPD chief analyst, Marshal Cohen, called the week’s success a perfect storm of holiday shopping behaviour.

“The eighth week of the 2016 holiday season included two more shopping days before Christmas than in 2015, delayed Hanukkah shopping that occurred at the beginning of December last year, and a shipping deadline crunch that brought more action into stores for online pick-ups and last-minute impulse buys”, commented Marshal.

Results also show that toys saw the largest growth throughout the week, compared with apparel, fragrance, technology and athletic footwear.

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